Mar 6, 2020
How do Britons feel about the daily commute?

Commuting to work is often seen as a necessary evil. But what issues do people face getting to the office and what makes getting to the daily grind more bearable? Canvas8 polled 3,370 Britons and spoke to eight people about the frustrations they face on their commute and how they try to get around them.

Unwelcome Surprise
Entertainment Station
Difficult Journey
Traffic Nightmare
Music Lover
Planning Ahead
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Since winning the General Election in December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to pay back the Northern voters who won him the election by finally completing the HS2 rail project, designed to connect the North to London via high-speed rail. [1] While many voters are sceptical about the project, the railways in the UK have been a topic of fierce debate since they were privatised in the 90s. [2] Since 2016, the debate has raged around poor service and increasing fare prices, which are increasingly frustrating British commuters. [3] According to the Trades Union Congress, since 2009, rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages. [4]