How has Brexit transformed British identity?
28 Nov 2019
How has Brexit transformed British identity?

The 2016 EU referendum shone a light on the social, cultural, and political divides in the UK, challenging the notion of a unified British identity. We explore the polarisation of Brexit tribes and consider how brands can appeal to both Leavers and Remainers.

Robert Ford

Robert Ford is a professor of politics at the University of Manchester and the author of several books including Revolt on the Right. His forthcoming book, Brexitland, is out in spring 2020.

Rosie Carter

Rosie Carter is a community policy expert at Hope Not Hate and has spent much of the past decade studying attitudes towards race and identity in the UK.

Darren Loucaides

Darren Loucaides is a travel writer and music critic for the BBC. He’s lived and travelled in Italy, the Middle East and Latin America, and has become obsessed with the parallels between cultural and political trends.