Do school-leavers still dream of a uni education?
17 Oct 2019
Do school-leavers still dream of a uni education?

Faced with annual fees in excess of £9,000, questionable pastoral support on campus, and stiffer competition in a job market replete with graduates, Gen Zers have plenty of reason to be sceptical about the benefits of higher education. So, how are they forging their career paths after school?

Hattie Wrixon

Hattie Wrixon is the founder of Uni’s Not For Me, a resource and community for young people thinking about alternatives to university. She maintains her interest in UNFM while also working at Founders Factory, launched by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane-Fox to help scale start-up businesses.

Duncan McCombe

Duncan McCombe is the founder of Network Young, a social enterprise that helps 13- to 19-year-olds develop a high-quality network and delivers career skills programmes across Manchester and the North West. His mission is to transform the way that careers advice is given.

Anna Foden

Anna Foden is a Manchester-based writer. She studied Japanese, politics and sociology and writes on culture and business trends. She can often be found in a cinema watching a biopic or Star Trek.