How are attitudes to combat sports changing?
16 Oct 2019
How are attitudes to combat sports changing?

Once considered to be violent, overly macho, and niche sporting experiences, combat sports such as boxing and MMA are becoming more and more popular. As people become increasingly stressed, they’re looking for a physical release. How can brands make the most of these experience hunters?

Lenny Hagland

Lenny Hagland is the CEO of Islington Boxing Club and has fought, trained, and coached there since 1974. He fought and won national titles and international honours before taking up coaching, where he has seen firsthand the growth – and change – in membership.

Giovanni Soffieto

Giovanni Soffieto is the director of the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association, which he founded in 2012. The organisation promotes safe grassroots participation in a range of martial arts and has amassed more than 16,500 members and a vast online community.

Professor Andy Lane

Professor Andy Laneis a sports psychologist and former amateur boxer who teaches and researches at the University of Wolverhampton. He has a particular interest in combat sports – he has worked with athletes preparing for the boxing World Championships, among others.

Kate Carter

Kate Carter is a writer, journalist, presenter, editor, and brand consultant. She covers all lifestyle subjects, with a particular focus on health and fitness, and has written for The Guardian, Observer, Independent, Runner's World, Lonely Planet, and many more. She also presents for the Running Channel and gives regular seminars for Guardian Masterclasses.