What do Aussie film fans expect at cinemas?
24 Jun 2019
What do Aussie film fans expect at cinemas?

Squeezed budgets and streaming services may have seemed like significant threats to Australian cinemas, but 2018 was the second most profitable year on record at the box office. How are theatres across the country elevating the experiences they offer to draw people out of their homes?

Dr. Paul Harrison

Dr. Paul Harrison co-directs the Centre for Employee and Consumer Wellbeing at the Deakin Business School. He researches, consults and advises government, industry and NGOs in the field of consumer behaviour and marketing. He is also an international professor of arts and cultural marketing and governance at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and a special counsel on consumer behaviour at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis leads the consumer insights division at Retail Doctor Group, an Australia-based international retail advisory and consultancy firm. She applies a background in postgraduate mathematics to help retailers and FMCG brands model consumer personalities using neuroscience, motivations, and behaviours to develop market opportunities. Widely regarded as a go-to source on consumer behaviours and retail trends of today and tomorrow, Anastasia can tell you what your consumers can’t.

David Gacs

David Gacs is a writer and research analyst with close to ten years’ experience reporting on political, social, and economic developments in national, regional, and international contexts.