How are airports adapting to future travellers’ needs?
3 May 2019
How are airports adapting to future travellers’ needs?

To accommodate the growing number of international travellers, airports are undergoing massive refurbishments to transform processing hubs into destinations in their own right. How are they catering to people’s changing expectations of technology, leisure, and sustainability?

Christine Murray

Christine Murray is the editor-in-chief of The Developer, a bi-annual magazine that explores radical approaches to place through words and photography. She is also the founder of the Women in Architecture Awards and former editor-in-chief of the Architects’ Journal.

Robert Chicas

Robert Chicas is director of aviation and transportation at HOK, a global design, architecture, and engineering firm. He has led large-scale airport projects including the Salt Lake City Airport and the Indianapolis International Airport Terminal.

Keith Tonkin

Keith Tonkin is the managing director at Aviation Projects, an Australian airport design and management firm. In this role, he delivers innovative design solutions to problems involving airport upgrades, airport safeguarding, master plans, risk management, and wind farms.

Laurie Clarke

Laurie Clarke is a researcher and writer based in Scotland. She has previously worked in marketing for an addiction clinic and has researched everything from memes in advertising to the legal US cannabis industry as a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. Having studied psychology, she is obsessed with what makes people tick, especially when it comes to how they make decisions.