2019 Expert Outlook on Eating and Drinking
6 Dec 2018
2019 Expert Outlook on Eating and Drinking

Will people compromise taste for wellbeing? Why are beverage brands experimenting with cannabis? Can ‘cultured meat’ overcome its image problems? In this part of the 2019 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how health and environmental concerns are affecting eating and drinking habits.

Brandt Maybury

Brandt Maybury is the co-founder of Tastehead, a food product development company. He has previously worked as a chef at five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, before moving into product development where he still serves in the role of taste specialist for Green & Black’s.

Jenn de la Vega

Jenn de la Vega is a food stylist, writer, and caterer. She is the cook-in-residence at TASTE Cooking, author of ‘Showdown Comfort Food’, and the editor-at-large of food magazine Put A Egg On It.

Megan Poinski

Megan Poinski is senior editor at Food Dive and an award-winning journalist.

Katy Young

Katy Young is a Canvas8 senior behavioural analyst. She has a degree in American Studies and Film and an MA in Journalism. Her interests include wild swimming, thinking of podcast ideas and singing in an all-female choir.