How have natural foods gone mainstream?
16 May 2018
How have natural foods gone mainstream?

Insta influencers and lifestyle mags may regularly laud the benefits of a ‘natural’ diet in 2018, but it’s taken time for these attitudes to gain mainstream acceptance. Canvas8 spoke to Laura Miller, the author of Building Nature’s Market, to learn how a marginal movement went from niche to norm.

Laura J. Miller

Laura J. Miller is an associate professor of sociology at Brandeis University and author of ‘Building Nature’s Market’. Her research is centered on understanding the interaction between cultural and economic processes, with a focus on examining the information, media, and lifestyle industries.

Hannah Elderfield

Hannah Elderfield is an associate insight director at Canvas8. With a background in psychology, she’s advised global brands from Nike and Instagram to Perrier Jouet and the British Government. She also leads the Science Of series on the Library, translating advancements from the academic world into actionable insights for members.