How are tracking devices impacting our sleep?
4 Nov 2018
How are tracking devices impacting our sleep?

A global obsession with sleep and how much we get of it has resulted in an entire industry centred around optimising and tracking nighttime slumber with apps and wearable devices. But is this deluge of data actually preventing people from getting a good night’s sleep rather than enabling it?

Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales is an international elite sport sleep coach and the founder of R90 Recovery Technique. The Nottingham-based coach is the author of ‘Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours’, the Power of Naps, and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind’ and has worked with teams and individuals including Manchester United and Arsenal football teams, cycling teams Team Sky and British Cycling and Olympic athletes.

Janet Kennedy

Janet Kennedy, PhD is a New York-based clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor. For almost two decades, Dr. Kennedy has been helping people break out of the cycle of bad sleep, restoring natural and healthy sleep patterns without relying on sleep aids. Dr. Kennedy is a sought-after speaker and consultant, and she is the author of ‘The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for your Baby (and You).’

Miranda Bryant

Miranda Bryant is a writer based in New York.