How are people engaging with digital art?
27 Sep 2018
How are people engaging with digital art?

The meteoric rise in digital media and handheld technology has prompted how artists explore and use technology as a new medium to create engaging digital works of art. Using everything from AR and VR to GIFs, holograms and AI to algorithms and code, artists are expanding what consumers consider ‘art’ to be.

Nancy Baker Cahill

Nancy Baker Cahill is a new media artist and the founder and creative director of 4th Wall, a free augmented reality public art platform. Her work has earned features in The New York Times and Frieze magazine and she was listed in ARTnews’ 2021 Deciders. Her 2018 TED talk launched her international public speaking practice. Baker Cahill is an artist scholar in the Berggruen Institute’s Transformations of the Human Fellowship and is an artist at Oxy Arts' Encoding Futures Residency. She belongs to the Guild of Future Architects and received the 2021 Williams College Bicentennial Medal of Honor.

Jon Ippolito

Jon Ippolito is a professor of New Media and director of the Digital Curation Program at the University of Maine. He has also co-authored the books At the Edge of Art and Re-collection, which both aim to expand the art world beyond its traditional boundaries.

Lori Kozlowski

Lori Kozlowski is a writer, editor and media executive who works and lives in Los Angeles, California. She has worked and written for the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Variety, and other national publications. She formed More Light Media in 2018; a new-media company that is focused on helping startups, NGOs and brands with creative storytelling.