Why Aussies don’t have a taste for ‘lab-grown meat’
16 Sep 2018
Why Aussies don’t have a taste for ‘lab-grown meat’

Australians may love their meat, but they are not yet sold on the idea of lab-grown alternatives, with just half saying they would try it. It ticks all the boxes for environmental concerns, animal welfare and even taste, but the one final hurdle to overcome is the mystery of the science itself.

Jay Beaumont

Jay Beaumont is the co-founder of barbecue festival Meatstock. He is also the creator and organiser of the Port Macquarie Blues & BBQ Festival, the largest national BBQ championship ever held in Australia.

Thomas King

Thomas King is the founder and CEO of Food Frontier, an organisation working within the meat alternative industry. He is a supporter and advocate for research into meat alternatives and consumer education.

Ann-Marie Cahill

Ann-Marie Cahill is a writer with a history of legal and sociology research. After spending years writing and arguing about legal technicalities, she realised there was far more to our social world to both read and experience.