Who's buying new cars?
8 May 2018
Who's buying new cars?

Brexit, ‘dieselgate’ and ride-sharing apps like Uber have all contributed to a slump in new-car sales. However, despite the anti-car pressures, 2.5 million new cars were still sold in the UK last year. So how are people buying them and who are those people?

Christoph Domke

Christoph Domke is director of KPMG’s Global Strategy Group. He is a leading expert in fields such as driverless transportation, alternative powertrain technologies and megatrends. He used to work for BMW.

James Ruppert

James Ruppert is the editor of Free Car Mag. He is also the author of several books about cars and is an automobile journalist for the likes of Autocar and the London Evening Standard.

Darren Loucaides

Darren Loucaides is a travel writer and music critic for the BBC. He’s lived and travelled in Italy, the Middle East and Latin America, and has become obsessed with the parallels between cultural and political trends.