Dec 22, 2017
Can Christmas dinner ‘go clean’?

The traditional excesses of the festive season sit in stark contrast with the ever-strong healthy-eating movement. Does better-for-you behaviour have a chance against entrenched seasonal habit? How do ‘virtuous eaters’ celebrate and is there a new ‘clean Christmas’ trend in the making?

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What’s for Christmas dinner? Turkey, roast parsnips, potatoes, sprouts and all the trimmings? Washed down with some sherry and finished off with some trifle and cheese? Research by IGD shows that this Christmas the UK grocery market is set to experience 2.6% growth, as the public is predicted to spend £22.2 billion over the holidays. Despite the usual seasonal deluge of information on how dangerously calorific holiday meals will be, 66% of consumers think Christmas is the time to spend big on food. Even though for 32% the growing cost of Christmas is a concern. [1]