Scoodle: turning tutors into influencers

With COVID-19 disrupting traditional education, edtech is stepping in to offer alternative forms of learning. And it’s not only children who benefit – by helping tutors reach global audiences, Scoodle taps into the side-hustle mindset at a time when people are struggling to make ends meet.

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Ismail Jeilani’s university days were far from raucous. All work and no play, his part-time work as a tutor meant that he “wasn’t able to commit to anything else – no extracurricular activities and very little social life,” he says. But when he paid off his £27,000 tuition fees with his side-hustle, it gave him the idea for Scoodle. [1][2] In some respects, Scoodle is doing nothing new. It covers all the core subjects such as maths, English, and science and also offers expertise on everything from specialised learning and more than 11 entrance exams to piano and university applications. But it differs from competitors such as MyTutor, Tutor Hub, and SuperProf through its delivery. Scoodle is global, affordable, and taps into the technology increasingly being used in classrooms. Put simply, it connects students to tutors and does so via a Q&A platform. Students can pose questions for tutors to answer before picking the one they like best and booking a lesson with them. It offers students the kind of control they don’t usually get in the world of education.