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  • How is Thebe Magugu championing local production?
  • How is Thebe Magugu championing local production?
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Thebe Magugu: ideological outfits for next-gen buyers

As people realise the eco and socio-economic cost of the fashion industry, both brands and shoppers are reevaluating their role in it. To keep things green and community-focused, designer Thebe Magugu prioritises local production and local talent – from textile mills to printmakers to pleaters.

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As shoppers look to clothes to communicate their beliefs, there’s an opportunity for fashion labels to create rich brand stories that combine products with lifestyle projects that invite consumers into their world. With his eponymous brand, 26-year-old fashion designer Thebe Magugu is doing just that. Alongside collections, the South African designer publishes Faculty Press, a zine dedicated to uplifting emerging voices that aims to ‘move our cultural landscape forward’. Magugu places importance on working with local artisans and education as a tool for change – his collections are named after school subjects, like Home Economics, Geology, and ...



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    High-end fashion brands have generally not performed as well as fast fashion on transparency rankings. With exclusivity and a sense of mystique among the segment’s unique selling points, luxury labels have long been more comfortable with opacity. But could consumer pressure force a change?

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    A panacea for the pandemic, Design Emergency is a research project hosted on Instagram. Every week, the founders investigate the design industry’s response to COVID-19. The series also explores how the aftermath of the global crisis could reshape the way designers approach their craft.

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    Because of the outbreak, the 2020 LVMH Prize final has been cancelled, and the €300,000 award is being evenly distributed to all the finalists. With people looking for positive narratives amid a surfeit of negative headlines, initiatives that forgo competition in favour of unity will likely go down well.