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  • Could COVID-19 spark societal transformations?
  • Could COVID-19 spark societal transformations?
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Richard Preston on lessons learnt for the next pandemic

The approval of multiple vaccines will hopefully end the COVID-19 crisis in 2021 – but what can people and brands learn from this pandemic? Canvas8 spoke to Richard Preston, the author of The Hot Zone, to understand how it compares with previous outbreaks and its potential long-term impact.

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”It began with a bat sniffle, and then, a few months later, the global economy had a heart attack. What this shows is that the human species is fragile. We're more fragile than we think we are,” says Richard Preston, a writer for The New Yorker. [1] It feels like a lifetime since the COVID-19 pandemic transformed life around the world. Back in March 2020, as people began to seek answers around when the outbreak would end and life would get back to normal, experts noted that while lockdowns would help reduce cases in the short-term, ...



  • Article image How horror creates space for calm

    Between a pandemic, social unrest, and political uncertainty, stress is abundant in everyday life. Yet while some people are escaping the reality of 2020 with light-hearted entertainment, others are indulging in fear-inducing films and TV. Why is horror proving so popular among critics and viewers?

  • 'COVID-19-proof' smart city hints at future urban design 'COVID-19-proof' smart city hints at future urban design

    With the fear of future pandemics playing heavy on people’s minds, city layouts are getting a re-think. Guallart’s ‘COVID-19-proof’ smart city in China is designed to ease the strain of living in lockdown, pointing to a future where preparedness is a key component of urban design.

  • Article image What does escapism look like in a pandemic?

    With people spending more time at home, they’re turning to entertainment to break the monotony of the everyday and channel their anxiety into something more hands-on. But can escapism really help people feel more empowered? And how do they want brands to speak to them during a pandemic?

  • Gaming boosts social connectivity in pandemic Gaming boosts social connectivity in pandemic

    Once maligned as anti-social and addictive, gaming is being seen in a different light due to the COVID-19 crisis. As the pandemic forces large parts of the world into quarantine, the WHO has acknowledged the activity as an important method of social connection.