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  • How are people turning to their nostalgic favourites?
  • How are people turning to their nostalgic favourites?
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How stress is changing American tastebuds

During the pandemic, people are turning to food for comfort and stress relief. We’re seeing a return to nostalgic favorites and also food as a medium for experience and discovery. So what does that mean for flavor?

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Many Americans will have temporarily experienced the strangeness of anosmia, the loss of smell and taste, when they had COVID-19. However, even healthy consumers’ tastebuds have been impacted by the effects of the pandemic. To cope with uncertainty and stress, beloved comfort foodstuffs and flavors have been the go-to – 79% of US consumers are buying more comfort food since the pandemic began, while 90% have bought chocolate in the last 3 months. [1] Anthropologist and author Dr. Kaori O’Connor has seen “an increased consumption of sweet things across all age groups,” pointing out that while main ...



  • Article image Do Americans care where their food comes from?

    Sustainability has fast become a buzzword in the world of food, whether it’s interpreted as clean eating, plant-based proteins, or locally-sourced produce. But as Americans look to balance both comfort and purpose in their meal choices, what can brands do to secure a piece of the pie?

  • PepsiCo’s pandemic kits deliver convenient snacking PepsiCo’s pandemic kits deliver convenient snacking

    With people wary of supermarket crowds, direct-to-consumer strategies are proving a smart way to reach them and ease anxiety. PepsiCo is bringing its pantry favorites to people’s homes with two websites – pantryshop.com and snacks.com – so people can easily get hold of everyday goods.

  • Americans buy up comfort food to cope with COVID-19 Americans buy up comfort food to cope with COVID-19

    Healthy snacks and plant-based meats may have been on the up before the pandemic, but self-isolation is driving people to switch up their eating habits. Processed foods like Hamburger Helper and SpaghettiOs are increasingly popular thanks to their pantry longevity and nostalgic comfort.

  • Article image How is screen time altering American eating habits?

    TV is more than just America’s favourite pastime. On-demand services like Netflix and Hulu are devouring hours of people’s waking life, while other screen activities, such as watching YouTube and scrolling Instagram, are filling shorter gaps. So how is “zombie eating” changing the dining landscape?