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  • What does it mean to be French in 2020?
  • What does it mean to be French in 2020?
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A Cultural Snapshot of France 2020

How has the #metoo movement reshaped gender roles? Why did a small-scale protest spark mass populist demonstrations? And are dads really sharing the parenting load? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats and case studies to explore behavioural norms shared by French people in 2020.

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Culture is notoriously difficult to define. You might know culture when you see it, but could you describe it? For us, culture means the behavioural norms shared by a group of people – the things that are learned socially, rather than inherited genetically. So, culture doesn’t drive the desire to eat, but it plays a big part in determining what food you choose.

It’s also constantly on the move. Some aspects of it move faster than others. Anthropologist Grant McCracken divides it into ‘fast’ and ‘slow’. Slow culture shifts over centuries, while fast culture can change in ...



  • CANAL+ shows LGBTQ stories on dedicated channel

    CANAL+ shows LGBTQ stories on dedicated channel

    From stereotyping to sidelined characters, mainstream depictions of LGBTQ issues often miss the mark. Yet with a channel dedicated to LGBTQ creations, CANAL+ is looking to bring authentic LGBTQ issues and experiences into the spotlight for French and French-speaking viewers.

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    What do French women want from online dating?

    The popularity of online dating is growing in France, but it still carries associations of 1990s-era ‘trash dating’, and there are noteworthy differences in how men and women use these platforms. What are French women looking for? Fun, empowerment, and opportunities to meet offline.

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    Cozycozy: Streamlined search for French travellers

    The short-let market has caused a shift in the perception of what defines holiday accommodation, leaving travellers polarised between home-sharing or hotels. French start-up Cozycozy.com is bringing together all kinds of places to stay to create a seamless service for the globetrotting generation.

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    O’Tacos: full-fat fare for French fast foodies

    France may be renowned for its traditional food values, shunning invasive cuisines that promote a less discerning diet, but ‘le fast food’ is now a dominant force in the dining landscape. Home-grown chain O’Tacos is flourishing as a result, serving up a French take on casual Mexican fare.