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  • One-click gifting isn’t as thoughtless as it seems
  • One-click gifting isn’t as thoughtless as it seems
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Has Amazon turned shoppers into lazy gifters?

Amazon may not be the most inspirational place to buy presents, but that doesn’t stop people ‘adding to basket’. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to find out whether Prime has made us lazier when selecting gifts or if, in fact, the ease of e-commerce encourages more expensive and thoughtful choices.

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Ahead of Mother’s Day in the US on the 12th of May 2019, some doting offspring will undoubtedly have spent weeks or months planning lunches out, ordering surprise bouquets, and hand-making photo frames – but for everyone else there was Amazon Prime. The idea that gift-buying for the occasion is a last-minute scramble was picked up by numerous sites, with the likes of Business Insider, Esquire, and Delish all giving advice on how to get seemingly ‘thoughtful’ gifts for moms at the click of a button. But does e-commerce remove the emotion from ...



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    How did tech become the perfect gift?

    Rather than worry about whether a loved one would prefer a bracelet, a bottle of wine, or a hot air balloon ride, a growing number of people are choosing to give the gift of technology. But why are digital devices so perfect as presents? And how do these gadgets integrate into recipients’ lives?

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    For me? The science of sentimental gifting

    A GameStop voucher may seem like an ideal gift for a gamer, but it’s not necessarily what they’d want to receive. Canvas8 spoke to Julian Givi, a doctoral candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, to learn why a fear of missing the mark means people shy away from giving something more meaningful.

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    Whilo: a wishlist-based gifting platform

    There never seems to be enough time to find the perfect gift at Christmas. And even when shoppers finally pick a present, many are unsure whether the recipient will like it. Whilo lets people create wishlists for any occasion to ensure they can give (and get) the right gift every time.

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    What’s the future of the gift card?

    In the UK, the gift card and voucher industry is estimated to be worth £5.6 billion a year, and in 2015, sales of gift cards in the US hit $130 billion. But with mobile tech transforming the way we browse and shop, how is the traditional model adapting? And how will people give in the future?