For me? The science of sentimental gifting
27 Oct 2017
For me? The science of sentimental gifting

A GameStop voucher may seem like an ideal gift for a gamer, but it’s not necessarily what they’d want to receive. Canvas8 spoke to Julian Givi, a doctoral candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, to learn why a fear of missing the mark means people shy away from giving something more meaningful.

Julian Givi

Dr. Julian Givi’s research focuses on consumer behaviour, consumer psychology, and judgement and decision-making. Specifically, he studies how and why consumers err when gift-giving, the biases that emerge when consumers forecast the future, and how consumers perceive probability. His research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Current Directions in Psychological Science. He has presented his work at the annual meetings of the Association for Consumer Research and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making.