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  • In a world of infinite digital stimulus, print is thriving
  • In a world of infinite digital stimulus, print is thriving
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How are Americans buying print magazines?

The digital revolution was said to mark the end of print. With many digital-first brands going analog, it’s not just readers who can benefit from the thriving print scene. So are Americans still buying magazines and if so, how much are they spending? Canvas8 spoke to 14 people in the US to find out.

Location United States

When digital publishing started to gain traction and advertisers moved their spending from print magazines and newspapers to online formats, the world was quick to declare the death of print. Granted, with online magazine consumption up by 15% since 2015 and 42.4% of American adults reading an online issue in the last month, digital publications are thriving. [1] However, a raft of digital-first brands are launching their own print magazines – the latest being Netflix’s Wide, a physical print publication that aims to explain its content, featuring essays and interviews with the talent behind its ...



  • Article image How can brands make an impact with print?

    As people look to strike a balance between online living and more tactile leisure pursuits, magazines are back. Seminal style bible The Face has relaunched and brands are printing their own publications. But in a world where digital dominates, how can brand publications make their mark?

  • Article image The Book: a secret magazine for select shoppers

    With luxuriant paper, beautiful photography, and acclaimed contributors, The Book wouldn’t be out of place on a specialist newsagent’s shelf. But this magazine is only available to dedicated John Lewis and Waitrose customers, serving up high quality lifestyle content to boost brand engagement.

  • ‘Bookazines’ are the new magazines ‘Bookazines’ are the new magazines

    Major publishers are struggling, with sales of traditional subscription-based titles down 2% in 2015. In this internet-led media environment, weekly and monthly issues are being eclipsed by high-end, special interest publications that are more like books than magazines.

  • Article image Who wants to read a branded magazine?

    With millions using AdBlock and just 24% of users scrolling down on native ads, brands can struggle to reach online consumers. Yet 90% of EasyJet’s six million monthly passengers read its in-flight magazine Traveller. We speak to Ink Global’s Jonny Clark to discover what makes engaging branded content.