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  • Why are Gen Zers drawn to short, remixable content?
  • Why are Gen Zers drawn to short, remixable content?
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TikTok: short-form videos for creative collaboration

Vine and Snapchat may have popularised the short video format on social platforms, but TikTok has broadened the medium’s potential, allowing users to join viral crazes with just their phones. As Gen Z’s attention spans shrink, the app offers an easy way to participate in a wider digital community.

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Ever seen someone do a triangle dance, put make-up on a potato, or take part in a ‘pose challenge’? These seemingly unconnected hijinks share a common thread – they’re viral sensations on TikTok, the short-form video app that offers a window into contemporary youth culture. With more than 500 million users in 154 countries (a third of whom use it daily), how did a platform that initially revolved around lip-syncing videos become a social media force to be reckoned with? [1]





  • Calvin Klein entices TikTok's teen fanbase

    Calvin Klein entices TikTok's teen fanbase

    Calvin Klein has taken its 'My Calvins' campaign to video sharing platform TikTok to make the most of the social media site’s young, female and highly engaged audience. As the platform is still populated mostly by organic content, users are open to ads that fit with the app’s participatory nature.

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    Common Sense: helping kids use tech responsibly

    A decade ago, social media was seen as a novel distraction. But with 92% of US teens going online daily, an online persona can lay the groundwork for an individual’s entire social life. Given the internet’s influence on Gen Z, Common Sense is helping students become better digital citizens.

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    Why social media Stories have got people hooked

    The ‘Stories’ features on Instagram and Snapchat have proven popular among users for their impermanence, authenticity, and behind-the-scenes nature. But how exactly are they being used by brands, celebrities and regular people? And how are these temporary digital tales evolving?

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    Snapchat: sending a perfectly timed message

    If you knew that this was the only chance you’d ever get to read this sentence, would you pay closer attention? Snapchat’s ephemeral messages are a more human way of relating digitally, but they offer more than just a carefree share. Their fleeting nature asks us to stop and pay attention.