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  • The influx of new technology is helping women talk about their body issues
  • The influx of new technology is helping women talk about their body issues
    Allyson Weislogel (2018) ©

How is FemTech changing attitudes to female health?

FemTech is a booming market both in the UK and worldwide. Inherently feminist in its values, its success has shown a real willingness to open up the discussion about female health and wellness. As it continues to grow, how is technology helping women solve issues that have long felt ignored?

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A group of women dance around a cow whilst breastfeeding and sing “in case you had not noticed, these are not udders, they’re my boobs”. Humorous, plain talking and political. Elvie’s latest advertising campaign for its new digital breast pump, which launched in September 2018, reflects many of the values now synonymous with the success of FemTech and how startups in this sector speak to their audience.

“We are 100% a feminist brand,” says Tania Boler, CEO at Elvie. “There’s definitely a sense of anger that we’ve had to put up with such bad products for so ...



  • Article image How period brands fill the sex-ed gap in the US

    The US education system is failing to teach young women and men the basics of menstruation, so brands are stepping in to fill the gap. What are period-advocacy brands and their products doing to fight the stigma and teach young women about their reproductive health?

  • Article image Can tech solve sexual consent in US colleges?

    Sexual consent apps may have been derided as simplistic and ineffective tools to minimize assault, but tech can play a role in tackling this issue on US college campuses. How are new gadgets and communication platforms starting conversations around consent and empowering women in the process?

  • Article image How can women-only apps promote safety?

    The emergence of female-focused dating, transportation and security apps is indicative of the fact that women’s freedom of movement in everyday life is often curtailed by the threat of violence. Yet as these services often don’t increase access to public spaces, what can be done differently?

  • Women are excited by the idea of sex tech Women are excited by the idea of sex tech

    Whether it’s getting a blowjob in virtual reality, or sending a sexy selfie, technology is integrated into modern sex. But while men are historically considered to be the big spenders in the sex industry, research suggests that 63% of British women say they use or would like to use sex toys.