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  • Is the Insta generation responsible for Polaroid’s second coming?
  • Is the Insta generation responsible for Polaroid’s second coming?
    Jordan Bauer (2017) ©

Polaroid: resurrecting film photography in a digital age

Following the rise of digital cameras and the subsequent smartphone revolution, many people believed the end was near for analogue photography. But the instant camera has experienced a resurgence as the aesthetic inclinations of the Instagram generation have revived brands such as Polaroid.

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With trillions of photos taken each year (an estimated 1.2 trillion were taken in 2017 alone), only a tiny fraction of them are printed. [1] Digitalisation and smartphones looked set to be the death knell of analogue photography but, against the odds, the vintage aesthetic and instantaneous results of the Polaroid camera have found an audience with the Instagram generation.





  • #FillTheWorld ad shows the value of memories

    #FillTheWorld ad shows the value of memories

    Fujifilm’s #FillTheWorld campaign embraces unfiltered and permanent memories to promote its new camera. At a time when social media is often used to collect likes rather than memories, the unedited ads seek to highlight the emotional attachment one can build with physical photographs.

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    Why do Americans stuff their phones with photos?

    Whether it’s to look back at fond memories or create reminders for the future, people are using their smartphones to store images and information that are important to them. Canvas8 spoke to 20 Americans to understand what they’re keeping on their camera roll, and why.

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    Lights, Camera, Action! The science of visual memory

    Whether it’s to savour a memory or gain social cred on Instagram, everyone takes pictures – but what impact does it have on our experiences? Canvas8 spoke to Alixandra Barasch, associate professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business, to uncover the science of visual memories.

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    Leica M Edition 60: revising the digital camera

    Over 27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute, and 1.8 billion photos are shared via smartphones and tablets daily. Leica is attempting to buck the trend for instant gratification with the launch of the Leica M Edition 60 camera – which doesn’t have an image display.