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  • We’re all nervous about AI, but should we be?
  • We’re all nervous about AI, but should we be?
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Why people are fearful of emerging tech

People are nervous about emerging technologies, yet 63% of people don’t realise they already using AI every day. Canvas8 spoke with Alex Salkever, co-author of The Driver in the Driverless Car and VP of communications at Mozilla, to understand how we can rethink AI's presence in our lives.

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A 2017 global survey by HSBC found that 76% of people feel comfortable using new technologies, yet many are actually unaware of emerging innovations – 59% of people had never heard of blockchain and just over one in five (23%) were oblivious to the use of chatbots in customer service. [1] “People need to be making an effort to understand the different technological changes that are happening,” explains Alex Salkever, co-author of The Driver in the Driverless Car and VP of communications at Mozilla. “They’re impacting everyone. And while we haven’t always had a say about how ...



  • Article image What do Britons think of staffless grocery stores?

    Self-service checkouts, with their ‘shouty’ voices and technical hiccups, have a bad reputation among Britons. So, how would they feel about an entirely automated retail experience? Canvas8 spoke with 20 people from across the UK to find out whether they would shop at a staffless grocery store.

  • Article image Are people ready for CGI superstars?

    Special effects animators estimate that we’re less than ten years away from creating computer-generated characters that are almost indistinguishable from their human counterparts. As CGI and AI edge closer to replicating human likeness and behaviour, will being ‘real’ matter to future audiences?

  • Article image Is it possible to program ethical tech?

    If your driverless car accidentally ran somebody over, who’s fault would it be? As tech takes on a growing body of human tasks, its moral compass is increasingly coming under scrutiny. Canvas8 sat down with technology ethicist Blay Whitby to find out if ethical tech is even possible.

  • Article image Porsche Panamera: putting the driver in driverless

    By 2035, over 12 million self-driving vehicles will be sold each year. Yet amid the industry-wide push, there’s a danger that brands could lose sight of how people will react to this new tech. With the Panamera, Porsche is showing it’s committed to making autonomous cars with drivers in mind.