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  • Banks that blend into the background
  • Banks that blend into the background
    Igor Ovsyannykov (2016) ©

Fino: unintimidating finance for India’s unbanked

Setting up banks in India’s slums and villages might, in theory, give people more access to financial services, but showing up isn’t always enough. Aiming to make finance novices comfortable, Fino is opening branches that look shabby enough to blend into the background of these communities.

Location India

Shobha, a 40-something housemaid who works in Mumbai and comes from a small village a few hours outside the city, has never had a bank account. "I only make a little money," she says. "When I do manage to save something, I keep it in cash. That's easier for me.” [1] She is part of the 19% of Indians who are unbanked, lacking access to basic financial services that could help manage her money. [2] But upstart bank Fino is looking to solve this problem.





  • Article image Better Than Cash Alliance: digital pay for the unbanked

    Millions of people worldwide are still paid in cash, which can be expensive for businesses to manage and insecure for employees. The Better Than Cash Alliance a partnership of governments, companies and charities – aims to change that, encouraging digital payments to boost financial inclusion.

  • Indian women are opening more bank accounts Indian women are opening more bank accounts

    In the West, female empowerment is embodied by factors like equal pay. But due to traditional gender roles, women in India have struggled even to open their own bank accounts. But now, thanks to a new government scheme, they’re more financially included than ever.

  • Ping Pay makes mobile banking social in India Ping Pay makes mobile banking social in India

    Axis Bank customers in India can now send money to their friends and family via the social network of their choice, from Twitter to Facebook. The bank has launched cross-platform mobile app Ping Pay to enable users to 'ping' money to each other whenever they wish.

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    India was once a cash economy governed by middle-class values. If you didn’t have it, you didn’t spend it. Thanks to credit cards and a young generation that expect the finest things in life, India has a debt problem. But what opportunities can ‘putting it on credit’ bring?