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  • There's no place for cynicism or criticism
  • There's no place for cynicism or criticism
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Wholesome Memes: sharing love and sincerity online

Wholesome Memes don't aim to deride, discourage or disrespect, instead they’re about celebrating love, friendships and life itself. Memes used to be pithy or cynical reactions to cultural events, but now subreddits like /r/wholesomememes are using the format to spread a little positivity.

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There’s no denying that the Internet can be a scary place. Full of people posting hateful comments, throwing shade and trolling, it can be depressing, dirty and downright nasty. In fact, 42% believe it’s having a negative influence on morality. [1] But where do people go when they want to feel good online? One suggestion is ‘Wholesome Memes’. When the official Twitter account launched - @WholesomeMeme - it amassed 8000 followers in just four days. [2]





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