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  • Making cosmetics gender neutral
  • Making cosmetics gender neutral
    Jeffree Star (2016) ©

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: fierce faces for all genders

Boasting millions of followers and a cosmetics line that frequently sells out within minutes of a restock, Jeffree Star is one of the make-up mavens transforming the beauty industry by diminishing the dominance of global brands and encouraging men to try on a little lipstick.

Location United States

His narrow face, sculpted by heavy contouring, is framed by a slick bob of harsh neon pink. Faded tattoos encircle his neck and wreath his hands, from which extend long fingers affixed with flashy metallic nails. This is Jeffree Star, make-up maven and creator of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand, which sees its most popular products sell out within minutes after a restock is announced. [1] His unconventional approach and controversial edge – video titles include 'Going to your ex's funeral makeup tutorial' – have built a combined following of over nine million fans across ...



  • Article image Beauty Pie: make-up minus the mark-up

    The average woman spends £18,000 on make-up in a lifetime. Beauty Pie – a ‘buyers’ club for beauty addicts’ – aims to help them make the most of their money, delivering products to buyers hot off the factory floor. But can an online shop with no ad budget hope to topple industry giants?

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    Beauty is in the eye of the Instagram follower. A new wave of social media-savvy start-ups are making their mark in the Australian market, and Poni Cosmetics is leading the way. How has the e-tailer used social know-how and an obsession with brows to stand out in this competitive space?

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    In a rush? No make-up brush? No worries. Milk understands the way young women think about and use beauty products. Sold as ‘high concept, low maintenance’, it's inspired by and designed for creative, cool girls – providing mascara that’ll stay on all weekend and lipstick that’s actually kiss-proof.

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    Masculinity is more attractive than ever. With more than three million men in Britain admitting to wearing make-up – from bronzer to blusher to foundation – the male cosmetics market is booming. But what’s driving this cultural shift? And are men concealing their usage as well as their skin?