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  • Can microchips make for a happier workplace?
  • Can microchips make for a happier workplace?
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Epicenter: upgrading the office with cyborg workers

Swedish start-up hub Epicenter is embracing workplace innovation by implanting microchips into the bodies of its employees. Is this technological push a natural progression in the monitoring of happiness and efficiency in the office, or is biohacking people’s bodies a step too far?

Location Sweden

Workplace monitoring is hardly new, nor entirely unwelcome. In fact, 54% of Americans would find it acceptable for their employer to install CCTV cameras for security reasons. [1] Yet with 57% also saying it’s unacceptable for their communications to be tracked by the government, it seems there’s a fine line between what people perceive as reassuring and what’s regarded as intrusive. [2] Swedish start-up hub Epicenter is testing its limits by implanting RFID chips into employees in an attempt to make the workplace happier and more efficient.





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    The annoyance of forgeting the office door code or losing your photo ID card is about to become a thing of the past for some Swedish employees. Innovation company Epicenter has offered to pay for microchip implants for its workers in the name of convenience.

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