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  • How rational is human behaviour?
  • How rational is human behaviour?
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How behavioural economics can spark a creative uprising

From the IPA’s Behavioural Economics Initiative to the UK government’s ‘Nudge Unit’, a new grasp of emotionally-led behaviour is revealing powerful consumer insights. Rory Sutherland and Nick Morris discuss how behavioural economics is leading marketers to new creative heights.

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Would you stop to help a stranger who asked for help changing a flat tyre? What if they offered you £10 for your time? Why not? You’d be helping the stranger and getting £10 on top. This is how the self-interested, rational decision-maker would see the situation – homo economicus, as this straw man is called. And it’s upon this model that economists have predicted our behaviours, developed policies and ruled the world of business decision-making.

But as any regular member of homo sapiens can attest, this request from a stranger quickly changes from something we feel ...



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