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  • Leisure time is infiltrating every spare moment
  • Leisure time is infiltrating every spare moment
    Nicolas Michaud, Creative Commons (2015) ©

A Sector Snapshot of Leisure

Why are more people choosing to spend a night in rather than going out? How is spare time being optimised for entertainment and education? Can apps and smart tech make international travel a more seamless experience? And what's driving people's search for immersive nights out?

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In the March 2017 Sector Snapshot of Leisure, we look at why people are spending more time at home, explain how spare time is being optimised, delve into the evolving expectations when travelling abroad, and uncover why people want more immersive nights out.

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  • Article image Why we gave up novels for nonfiction

    More people are reading nonfiction books than ever before, but they’re being savvier about who they choose to read and what they read about. How are hobby guides, self-help books and biographies changing to fit with contemporary readers’ interests? And what’s drawing people away from fiction?

  • Article image Why are people playing with their pints?

    Activity drinking used to involve a game of pool at a bar or a few pints at the bowling alley. But venues and event organisers are now offering good value and a full evening of entertainment by combining food, booze and social games of bingo, ping pong and crazy golf – all in one location.

  • Article image Why e-leisure is taking over our free time

    From socialising on Snapchat to getting gourmet dishes delivered to your door to binge-watching the latest Netflix series, digital leisure is having a profound effect on the way Gen Yers spend their downtime. Is staying in really the new going out? And what will prise people from their sofas?

  • Article image Travelmate: a techy travel buddy

    There are many stressors associated with air travel – the rush to the gate, the fear of losing baggage, and the long lines at security to name a few. Travelmate aims to ease at least one concern with its smart, trackable suitcase that follows you around. But do people really want robotic luggage?

  • Article image Home Party Association: party planning for novices

    House parties are a cornerstone of Western adolescence, defined by kitchen congregations and red plastic cups. But in Japan, where homes are small and hosting comes with high stakes, they’re an alien concept. The Home Party Association aims to change that with its courses on throwing a party.

  • Article image Virgin America App: a travel agent in your pocket

    Brick-and-mortar travel agents were among the first casualties of the internet age. But considering the stress involved in finding the right seat for the best price, the old ways of arranging a trip now seem simple. With its new app, Virgin America aims to make booking flights as easy as it once was.

  • Article image Is immersive dining too much to stomach?

    Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk brought immersive theatre and cinema to the masses – and food is now getting the same treatment. Nearly three-quarters of Gen Yers want to increase their spending on experiences, but in a competitive restaurant industry, what gets people lining up to buy tickets?

  • Article image How are commuters consuming media?

    With the average UK commute lasting 38 minutes, communications that provide convenience, entertainment or a simple distraction can make the time spent travelling feel shorter. But what do people read, play or buy going from A to B? And how are brands engaging this captive audience?