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  • Taking the guesswork out of gifting
  • Taking the guesswork out of gifting
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Whilo: a wishlist-based gifting platform

There never seems to be enough time to find the perfect gift at Christmas. And even when shoppers finally pick a present, many are unsure whether the recipient will like it. Whilo lets people create wishlists for any occasion to ensure they can give (and get) the right gift every time.

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Finding the right gifts to give at Christmas can be tricky, and pretending to like a bad one can be just as complicated. Between spending time with family, cooking meals and perfecting the decorations, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to minimise the stress of sending and receiving presents?





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    How are people stuffing their Christmas stockings?

    No longer filled with an orange and some candy, Christmas stockings have become an appetiser to the main unwrapping event, boasting premium items like designer socks, gift cards and collectibles. With greater importance now placed on these smaller gifts, how can brands maximise their impact?

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    Why are wishlists the best way to browse?

    When was the last time you walked into a shop, filled up a basket, then walked out empty handed? You may never do so in the real world, but 69% of shopping trips online end just like that. Have e-tailers lost their knack for converting sales? Or are we simply indulging in the joy of browsing?

  • The Care Box Co. makes giving gifts easier

    The Care Box Co. makes giving gifts easier

    Gifts feel good to give and great to receive – but people don't always get it right. The Care Box Co. is making this process easier with customised care boxes based around moods and needs rather than occasions. It's built on the belief that every moment – large or small – is best marked with a gift.

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    Argos Birthday Club: taking the pain out of kids’ party planning

    Kids birthday parties are pricey. UK parents spend more than £200 on cake, entertainment and party bags each year. Argos has launched a Birthday Club to aid party-stricken parents, offering ideas, tips and 20% off party essentials. Could it become the go-to brand for setting birthdays off with a bang?