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  • How will the high street adapt to shifting shopping habits?
  • How will the high street adapt to shifting shopping habits?
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2017 Expert Outlook on Shopping

How do people want their parcels delivered? Do they want brands to act like mates? And how do they shop on mobile? As part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three experts about experiential retail, big brands taking inspiration from start-ups, and how mobile makes people impatient.

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In the Shopping chapter of the 2017 Expert Outlook, Canvas8 speaks to Lyndsey Dennis, editor of Retail Focus, consumer and shopper behaviouralist Ken Hughes, and Daniel Murray, the founder and CMO of Grabble.





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    What’s the appeal of a shoppable apartment?

    As e-commerce and brick-and-mortar begin to settle into a comfortable co-existence, a new retail format is beginning to emerge, blending the best of both worlds in experiential spaces that are neither store nor home. But why are digital-first labels deciding to go offline at all?

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    Bespoke Your World: shop a curated Insta feed

    Instagram is an endless source of fashion inspiration, letting users follow trendsetters and luxury labels all in one place. But there’s a shift occurring as brands look to generate business in addition to likes. How is Bespoke Your World helping unknown designers stand out and sell their wares?

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    Have we all become ambient shoppers?

    The traditional buying model relied on three steps: experience a need, shop to satisfy that need, then use the product. But with 45% of shopping journeys now using mobile to discover or buy, purchasing has been integrated into people’s daily routines. How can brands adapt to this new retail reality?

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    Rockar: the UK’s first digital car dealership

    While tech has revolutionised purchasing in many retail sectors, the car buying process remains entrenched in the past. Can all-digital dealership Rockar – which offers a convenience normally associated with shopping for clothes or food – bring the auto industry up to speed?