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  • How will people consume content in 2017?
  • How will people consume content in 2017?
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2017 Expert Outlook on Media and Entertainment

Why are media owners relinquishing control of content? Why are older people still picking up papers? And how is internet culture changing music? As part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three media and entertainment experts about how ‘Netflix and chill’ is changing.

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For the 2017 Expert Outlook on Media and Entertainment, Canvas8 speaks to James Kirkham, chief strategy officer for Bigballs Media, Anthony Teasdale, a branded content specialist and editor of Umbrella, and Femi Adeyemi, founder and creative director of NTS Live.





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    Airtime: injecting intimacy into the virtual world

    From live-streaming platforms to messenger apps, social media connects people with thousands of ‘friends’ on a daily basis. But while a scroll and a ‘like’ might satisfy some, Airtime is gearing up multi-party live video. Is this the return to intimacy that the connected generation is hungry for?

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    ZH Tablet: converting print readers to digital

    With a growing number of Brazilians opting to stay informed about current events through online platforms, printed publications are feeling the impact. In a bid to keep up with this shift, newspaper Zero Hora has launched a customised tablet – but can it win over subscribers old and new?

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    Walter Presents: curating your next binge-watch

    2015 was a historic year for TV fans, with more scripted shows to choose from than ever before. So how does anyone know where to start? For Channel 4, the answer lies in Walter, the affable face of its new streaming service and curator of the very best in serious, compulsive world drama.

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    MUBI: art house cinema finds a home on your smartphone

    While VOD services have given blockbusters a new lease of life, where can people catch up on all those local cinema gems? MUBI offers a hand-picked library of 30 cult classics to its seven million users on desktops and smart devices. How has it become the world’s largest art house theatre?