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  • YourDost offers mental health support minus the social stigma
  • YourDost offers mental health support minus the social stigma
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YourDost: therapy at the swipe of a smartphone

Mental health is a growing concern in an increasingly productive India, but the associated social stigma and a shortage of treatment options mean that just one in ten individuals actually gets any support. Can YourDost close the country’s therapy gap through technology?

Location India

When Richa Singh’s college housemate committed suicide, she discovered the lack of available resources had turned her friend’s mental illness into an unimaginable tragedy. Though there were counsellors and psychologists on-hand at her university, the topic of mental health was – and still is – largely taboo. Consequently, Singh decided to develop an emotional wellness platform that would offer both anonymity and access, aiming to shed the stigma of seeking help once and for all.





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