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  • How do a brand’s values influence our spending habits?
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Give a shit! The science of brand values

There's one rule that explains how trends catch on; visibility. And more than half of us are now willing to pay more for products that are visibly socially responsible. Professor Lynn Kahle, who studies brand values, explains to Canvas8 why a brand’s values matter and how they influence people.

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Social psychologists use a simple rule to describe what makes a trend catch on; visibility. People are fundamentally social, taking cues about how to behave from those around them, so the more visible a behaviour is, the more likely it is to spread.

In the past year, we’ve reached a tipping point around visibility and values, with 55% of people globally now willing to pay more for socially responsible products. And it’s easy to see the impact this shift is having on popular culture. Take a brand like H&M; its ‘Conscious’ collection is not about ...



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    Why do people become members?

    As people spend less time in traditional communities, they’re seeking connections beyond religion and family. Memberships with organisations or brands can create loyalty and boost revenues, but the reasons to join Scientology or Sainsbury’s are vastly different. So why do people become members?

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    Why brands shouldn't talk about values

    Over the last decade, brands have made a real effort to ‘go green’ – and they expect a positive response. But a study by Yale suggests that people are actually less likely to buy if the environmental benefit seems intentional. So how should a brand demonstrate its green credentials?

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    Why we want our values to be visible

    From Just Giving Facebook updates to wearing H&M’s Conscious Collection, public displays of philanthropy have become a symbol of status. But does it really matter that these new do-gooders are motivated only by people seeing them do good if the outcome is still positive?

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    Would you want a brand to be your BFF?

    Digitisation is helping brands and their customers communicate, forming narratives and relationships. Whether it's Netflix taking its viewers to prom, or Anchorman's Ron Burgundy reading the regional news, brands are manifesting in the real world, disguised as human beings.