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  • Sweating has never looked so sexy
  • Sweating has never looked so sexy
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Sweat Cosmetics: make-up that’s made to sweat in

Femininity and fitness are increasingly regular bedfellows. From gym classes where heels are compulsory to Victoria’s Secret workout garb, feeling sexy while you sweat has never been easier. Sweat Cosmetics is a make-up line for women who want to wear make-up while they keep fit, too.

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A bead of sweat trickles down the temple of a woman in a roomba class, her fringe sticking to her forehead. Another stops her stint on the rowing machine to wipe away her running mascara. A muffin top wobbles in a pair of bikini briefs. Missy Elliott’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’ is the soundtrack; an audible embodiment of female defiance. “Damn right I look hot,” reads the adverts tagline.

Sport England’s award-winning This Girl Can advert drew international attention for addressing one of the key deterrents to working out amongst women; self-confidence. But there are an increasing ...



  • This Girl Can encourages UK women to exercise This Girl Can encourages UK women to exercise

    The UK ranks in the top five most overweight countries worldwide, with 66% of people either overweight. Of that number, 29% of girls aged 5 to 18 are overweight, and 8% obese. A Sports England TV ad is encouraging women who are uncomfortable with their figure to get into exercise.

  • Article image Why aren’t more girls playing sports?

    In the UK, 29% of girls are overweight. In the US, 36% of black girls, 37% of Hispanic girls and 29% of white girls are overweight or obese. But why are the numbers so high? How can girls be taught healthy attitudes, and encouraged to try sport from their first day at school?

  • Article image Without Walls: a love affair with lycra

    Yoga products are worth $27 billion annually in the US. And while it's true that the number of people practising yoga – predominantly women – has increased by 20% in recent years, that doesn't explain why sales of yoga wear are up 87%. Are yoga pants set to become the next Levi's 901s?

  • Article image What's so bad about feeling sexy while you sweat?

    Women's fitness and wellness is an increasingly sexualised industry, characterised by an obsession with an enhanced physical appearance. But how do real women feel about the sexualisation of wellness? Could the allure of feeling sexy encourage more women to work out?