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  • Hitching a ride on the back of a bike is a Dutch custom
  • Hitching a ride on the back of a bike is a Dutch custom
    Marc van Woudenberg, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Yellow Backie: Visit Amsterdam on the back of a local’s bike

For Amsterdam’s five million annual visitors, getting around the city can be tricky. But with more bikes than people, rental service Yellow Bike is hoping Amsterdam’s cyclists can share some local knowledge – and their mode of transport – with a tourist by inviting them to hitch a ride.

Location Netherlands

In tourist hotspot Amsterdam there is a never-ending array of local sites and books that promise an unforgettable time in the city. From Tours By Locals to Like A Local to I Amsterdam, the desire to seek out authentic experiences and native culture is often blurred with cheesy commercial intentions – and people know it.

Amsterdam’s 811,000 citizens are outnumbered by 881,000 bicycles, and for its five million or so annual visitors, moving around the city can be a difficult task. [1][2] Rental company Yellow Bike is ...



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