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  • The fridge is always open in America
  • The fridge is always open in America
    Rishi Bandopadhay, Creative Commons (2013) ©

How snacking is taking over the US one bite at a time

More calories were consumed in snacks during the 2015 Super Bowl than at Thanksgiving dinner in 2014. Snacking in the US is at an all-time high, with 91% doing it daily. So why is the 'little and often' habit replacing traditional meals? And what does the average American really want from a snack?

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Have you ever heard of Snackwave? It’s an internet-based pseudo-feminist movement centred around – you guessed it – snack food. “Snackwave is a term we’ve coined to describe the internet phenomenon of young women and teenage girls expressing an obsession with snack food,” write Snackwave pioneers Hazel Cills and Gabrielle Noone. [1] It’s a pizza-print t-shirt, a selfie with your Ben & Jerry’s or Jennifer Lawrence announcing that she’d really love a burger whilst making her way down the red carpet.

And actually, Snackwave couldn’t have come at a better time – snacking is taking ...



  • The rise of the avocado The rise of the avocado

    Once upon a time, the avocado was just another obscure fruit, popular only amongst the most dedicated of foodies. Today, it’s gone mainstream to become a staple in the health-conscious American's diet. But how has the avocado pulled off such an enormous surge in popularity? 

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    Which fitness fads will be big in 2015? How will digital developments change the way we shop for beauty products? Will beauty vloggers loose a bit of their sparkle? And which brands resonate with our quest for body acceptance?

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    Morning beauty regimes often leave no time for food; over 40% of UK adults skip breakfast. Believe ‘beauty cereal’ is packed with vitamins to nourish hair, skin and nails. The nutricosmetic market will be worth over $4 billion by 2017, but can we really eat our way to beauty?

  • Americans raid the snack drawer Americans raid the snack drawer

    Wasabi-flavoured popcorn, yogurt covered apricots, Earl Grey shortbread cookies. Grabbing a snack no longer means simply a packet of ready salted crisps, and Americans are hungry for more. A Nielsen survey found that 91% of people in the US snack daily.

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    Americans spend on average 12 minutes eating breakfast – just half the time they spend eating lunch and dinner. When did the most important meal of the day become so rushed? And how are brands capitalising on our hunger for a quick fix?

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    Fuelled by the desire for guilt-free treats, companies are downsizing portions. With people enjoying smaller snacks more often, is bite-sized eating the future of indulgence?

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    In a high-pressure culture, traditional routines are dissolving as people look for services that fit around their schedule. Voodoo Ray’s fuses a premium pizzeria with a bar and nightclub.