Driving the brand strategy home
Challenge:brand consistency
Region:usa, europe
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The challenge

HomeServe entered 2020 in robust health and with a huge ambition: to become the global leader in home services.

But to do so, it needed to grow a direct-to-consumer business in the US – courting a younger audience, evolving its brand and messaging, and becoming a category leader.

Our approach

Canvas8 partnered with HomeServe on a comprehensive, mixed-methodology research project designed to move the brand from where it was to where it needed to be. This involved: 

researchCultural landscape mapping

to identify consumer priorities, behaviors, and mindsets in the home services category and unmet category needs using semiotics

analyseExpert insight

to unearth the psychological factors, drivers, and motivations that influence decision-making around the home.

researchConsumer diaries and one-to-one in-depths

with prospective consumers, mapping purchase journeys and grounding our thinking in real experience.

researchA nationwide audience profiler survey

of over 2,000 American homeowners to help us scale our thinking and profile the HomeServe customer of the future.


We were invited to present the work to the HomeServe PLC Board of Directors and received special praise from its founder, Richard Harpin, for specific insights around how HomeServe can leverage people’s ‘love for the local’.

Our strategic recommendations – ranked by scale and impact, from easy wins like showcasing consumer reviews to long-term changes like branding HomeServe as a one-stop-shop – are currently being used by senior HomeServe stakeholders in product, creative, and branding teams

Insights into touchpoints and positioning helped HomeServe better plan the tone and timing of its communications, enabling it to better reach the younger, more dynamic HomeServe customer of the future.