Defining Dashlane's opportunity for growth
Challenge:strategic planning
hero image for Dashlane case study
The challenge

Launched in 2012, Dashlane has grown to more than ten million users worldwide. Its product – which includes a password manager, online account monitoring, and security alerts – fulfills a very real need, with 81% of hacking-related breaches occurring as a result of stolen and/or weak passwords. But the company was struggling to define its future growth opportunity.

Our approach

To equip Dashlane with an improved understanding of its global market and the latent consumer-driven opportunities, we implemented a rich multi-method study to refine where it could grow next, why, and how.

This uncovered the regions of greatest opportunity and developed a proprietary audience segmentation. The in-depth interviews helped bring this to life in each of the priority markets identified.

Our work included:

analyseMarket indexing

to identify countries with the highest and most immediate growth potential for Dashlane’s product offering.

analyseCompetitor and semiotic analysis

to map notable developments in the sector, reveal white-space opportunities for Dashlane, and to understand how branding is positioned and perceived by audiences across the digital security marketplace.

researchExpert interviews

to understand the psychological factors, drivers, and motivations that influence decision-making in the category

researchConsumer segmentation

based on a quant study of over 11,000 people & 16 groups across ten priority markets, using statistical clustering to create specific messaging strategies across markets.