Helping Google show up for cultural moments and communities
Challenge:thought leadership
Category:full service
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The challenge

The Brand Studio team oversees Google’s engagement with key events in the US and global calendars - from Pride and Black History Month, to the Olympics and Earth Day - a diverse range of activities, each with their own passionate advocates and critics. The team wanted to learn more about the broader cultural ecosystem around each ‘moment’, to ensure their activations and campaigns were as impactful as possible.

Our approach

Canvas8 served as an ongoing research partner for Google’s Brand Studio team. Through an ongoing series of reports, we helped Google build a living ‘ecosystem’ of analytical, nuanced cultural insight and strategy around each moment, making sure that every brand initiative was grounded in deep understanding of real-world needs in specific communities or issue-areas.

analyseCultural context-mapping

across our proprietary insight Library, as well as third-party sources, reports and statistics.

researchExpert intelligence

from a curated panel of thought leaders and activists across a range of communities

analyseAdvanced data science

Media monitoring, social listening, sentiment analysis and bespoke surveys - leveraging AI-powered media and social data across huge global databases

  • For over two years, our work has informed high-level planning and strategy within Google’s marketing organization, helping to amplify the company’s brand commitments.
  • These reports continue to help Google feed cultural insight into planning, and keep real audience needs at the heart of their activations.