Jun 23, 2022UpdateHow are people navigating travel chaos?

With thousands of people falling victim to 2022 travel chaos and the UK experiencing a debilitating nationwide rail strike, how can brands get people excited about their holidays and help them plan for unexpected disruption?

Dan McCarthyDan McCarthy is a sub-editor at Canvas8. After completing a degree in History and American Studies from The University of Manchester he was drawn to editorial work with an emphasis on culture. Outside work you can find him falling off climbing walls, listening to outdated music, and exploring the outdoors.

Endless queues, packed departure halls, and delayed or cancelled flights have become an all-too-common sight for holidaymakers in 2022. With ‘revenge travel’ top of the agenda for many people after two years of pandemic-related stasis, the industry has been caught off guard, dampening what should be a moment of escapism and relief for the travel-hungry. In the UK, this is being compounded by nationwide rail strikes that are making getting away an even more complicated affair. With experts predicting that airport chaos may disrupt holiday plans until the end of 2023, people are looking for ways to mitigate travel stress so they can fully realise their wanderlust.

Uber is one brand stepping in to provide some relief for the modern explorer. It has expanded its Uber Reserve feature to airport travel, providing peace of mind for holidaymakers who know their car will be waiting for them at the end of their airport experience. Booking.com is also looking to make travel more enjoyable with the launch of its Travel Proud program, aiming to ease concerns among the LGBTQ+ community who are typically wary of discrimination while en route to their holiday destinations. Meanwhile, the online travel marketplace Wheel the World is streamlining holiday research for disabled people, using crowdsourced data on factors like wheelchair access and inclusive staff training to create a platform for accessible trips.

With 80% of Britons saying they want to travel in 2022, and 56% of Americans planning to spend more than usual on their next trip, these brand developments are helping people feel better support as they prepare for their long-awaited getaways. So while disruption looks set to stay for the foreseeable future, supporting people with targeted campaigns around specific travel issues can help bring a level of comfort and calm to a chaotic couple of months.

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