20 Jan 2023Read of the weekRead of the week: Gen Zers want job stability

Amid economic hardship and political turmoil, Gen Zers are taking a more practical approach towards the world of work in an effort to futureproof their careers and financial futures. Rather than pursuing their dream job young job seekers are now on the hunt for more stable career prospects.

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Young workers are anxious about their careers. Rising inflation can affect the job insecurity of approximately two-thirds of young American adults who have yet to graduate from college, and many potential young employees are applying for jobs by the salary range with some even shifting career paths entirely as the previous sectors they worked in weren't stable enough.

A survey of 1,400 recent college graduates and current seniors in America found that 73% are prioritising stability when searching for a job, with job uncertainty and mass layoffs affecting how many envision their future careers. Gen Zers are more likely to be conservative with their paychecks as 78% cut back on their spending in preparation for a potential recession, with 35% believing that an economic downturn is the biggest threat to job security.

With 56% of people aged 18–24 saying that they are planning to switch jobs in the next year and with research from Gallup finding that 48% of America's workforce is actively job searching for new job opportunities, providing stability and reassurance to hard-up job seekers may help to give them the support they need during turbulent times.