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With even Simon Cowell dashing around on an electric bike to avoid pandemic crowds, cycling is no longer exclusively for the thrifty and super-fit. We explore the insights behind why Bike Drop is catering to this new group of high-end bike enthusiasts with secure valet parking, putting a premium spin on cycle safety.

Any bike owner knows the dread of leaving one out in public, terrified to come back to a bike stripped to pieces – or even worse, no bike at all. Bike Drop is looking to ease these fears by offering cyclists in central London a cycle valet service. Cyclists can go online to book a space at a Bike Drop for a day, week, or month – for £6.50, £38.50, or £135, respectively. Users will receive a QR code on their phone, streamlining the process of storing their bike upon arrival. Bike Drop, which operates in Oxford Circus, Regent Street, and Piccadilly, with plans to expand, also offers customers free puncture repairs and charging of electric bikes. It’s also looking to integrate cafes, showers, and changing rooms. 

Bike Drop lets you leave your bike in a safe location
Bike Drop (2020) ©

The pandemic has made many people worried about crowds on public transport. Combine this with a rising interest in staying fit, and it’s no surprise that cycling has seen a boom. The ‘Bike is Best’ campaign is looking to encourage this change, noting its benefit on people’s health and the environment. Some people are looking to put a bit more pep in their step, and as a result, e-bikes and scooters are skyrocketing, with sales in Halfords up 230% in the five months to September 2020. With VanMoof allowing luxe shoppers to get around safely and sweat-free, there’s room to cater to the rising demand for premium cycle services.

Isabel Evans is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. Fascinated by how and why people do things, she has an MSc in cognitive and decision sciences from UCL. You can often find her drinking endless coffees, running around Regent’s Park, or delving into a book.


05 Oct 20
2 min read

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