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  • How is VanMoof making short-haul commutes better?
  • How is VanMoof making short-haul commutes better?
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VanMoof: urban e-bikes for high-powered commutes

Slick, fast, and undeniably urban chic, VanMoof e-bikes boast enough technical features to rival even the most city-friendly commuter car. With global initiatives to encourage sustainable commutes in the post-pandemic era, electric bicycles could be the way to reclaim our cities from cars for good.

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Comparing its product design approach to that of Apple, Tesla, and Sonos, you might wonder how an electric bike suddenly gained so much tech appeal. But the next-generation aesthetic of VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike start-up that launched in 2009, has all the design and technical features to qualify these claims. "With the new Electrified, we’ve created a bike that replaces the car for city commuting," says co-founder Ties Carlier. "We see Tesla and BMW as competition, not other bike companies. To compete at that level, we had to make everything better, faster, simpler, and more convenient." [1]




  • Scotland’s free bike scheme encourages green travel Scotland’s free bike scheme encourages green travel

    With lockdown easing and more people needing to use transport again, the Scottish government has allowed the free use of bike-share services for a limited amount of time. The scheme aims to encourage a greener approach to travel in the hopes of making cycling a habit for citydwellers.

  • Article image Could COVID-19 pave the way for a greener commute?

    As the UK emerges from COVID-19 lockdown, public transport capacity is set to be severely limited to reduce the risk of further infection. But is a surge in private car journeys inevitable? Or could the post-pandemic world present a new opportunity to encourage greener, healthier commutes?

  • Article image Is a sustainable utopia within reach post-COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has upheaved societies around the world – perhaps permanently. There’s an acknowledgement that everyday life will have to change post-lockdown to avoid further outbreaks, but could this transition also present a chance to usher in a fairer, greener, and less lonely future?

  • Article image Cargoroo: green getarounds for urban families

    Families, small businesses, and individuals who need to transport heavy loads are broadly neglected by existing micro-mobility solutions. By enabling rental by the hour, Cargoroo allows them to enjoy the benefits of e-cargo bike travel, which include carbon efficiency, exercise, and convenience.