June 4, 2018Four behaviours impacting Communications

For most people, when getting in touch with someone, going online is often the first port of call. And although communications have rapidly adapted to the online sphere, social norms have been a little slower to adapt. From returning to more personal forms of communication, to creating emotional connections through storytelling, we explore the key behaviours that are affecting Communications in 2018.

Mica Anthony

Every six months, the sharpest minds at Canvas8 discern the four behaviours we’ve seen that are impacting how we’re interacting with friends, family, and brands – from trolling, to challenger social media platforms. This time around we explore why phone calls and snail mail still get a lot of love, discover how social media users are taking greater control of their platforms, look at the ways brands are taking on the trolls, and explain why people want to see the whole story rather than just one angle.

See the full report here.

Mica Anthony is an editorial assistant at Canvas8, which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. She’s passionate about uncovering the newest electronic music producers, re-living questionable ‘90s fashion trends, and building her Depop empire.

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