Pitch Portraits
Filmed audience responses to key questions
What is it?

Pitch Portraits show that the consumer is at the heart of a proposal – bringing first-hand perspectives, texture, and rigour to presentations.

Hear straight from the mouths of consumers as respondents self-record responses to revealing questions. Pitch Portraits deliver thought-provoking insights in a short, presentation-ready format.

Starting cost£5,725, n = 10 participants, n = 10 questions, 1x english speaking market
Min. turnaround3 weeks, including 1 week lead time
What is it?
Pitch PortraitsThe How?

Vox Pops:

Respondents self-record responses to carefully designed, bespoke questions. A typical sample size is between n=10 and n=20. We recommend asking around ten questions per respondent, to which they will record one-minute video responses per question.

Thematic Clustering:

An approach that surfaces the most important and prevalent themes from social research.

Trend Themes:

Descriptive summaries of emerging cultural trends to give teams a rich understanding of the key shifts bubbling up in culture that they need to be aware of.

Executive Summary:

An executive-level ten-slide deck to communicate the most important findings from the project.

Raw film and transcripts:

Unedited video vox pops and qualitative transcripts from the research.

Research Amplifier Film (optional):

An inspiring two-minute summary of the key research findings. Not included in starting cost.

Download the one-pager to share with your teamPitch Portrait guide