A suite of quick, affordable products to help members understand their audiences and make better decisions.
Make the right decision... fast
Our members are having to make faster decisions, leaving less time to get properly informed. Less information means that the risk of getting it wrong feels greater than ever. The speed of decision-making is critical. It has been said that great leaders should make decisions with 70% of the information they need. But even 70% is challenging in today’s context. The research industry simply isn’t optimised for this level of agility. How can we get the insights we need quicker and leaner? That's when you need Toolkit.
Sensitive to the realities of decision-making Toolkit is a suite of quick, affordable products to help members make better decisions. It’s the result of over a decade of refinement by our specialist teams, isolating our most effective techniques, frameworks, and models and making them available as standalone solutions. Key features

Using tried-and-tested templates and proprietary techniques, Toolkit solutions deliver consistently high-quality results. Outputs quickly equip you with the insights you need to move forward with confidence.

Analyst managed

Behavioural analysts run the project from start to finish, using their unique experience and expertise to answer your brief.

Quick turn

Easy to start, simple to manage, and quick to turn around. Refined over a decade, our workflows and methods enable us to kick-off and debrief projects with speed.

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