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  • Glowpack reminds you to take your pills
  • Glowpack reminds you to take your pills
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Glowpack reminds you to take your pills

Medical non-adherence is a huge problem; chronic disease affects 25% of the US, yet medication plans are only followed properly 50% of the time. The potential cost-savings and health benefits are great, and GlowPack aims to help patients by reminding them to take their meds.


  • Article image PillPack: streamlining your medicine

    Pharmacies don't always offer great retail experiences. PillPack wants to solve this with a subscription-based online pharmacy and new method of delivery. But are people ready to ditch a fail-safe but frustrating routine for a more expensive but simpler alternative?

  • Article image PARO: tech that aids the elderly

    While the immediate future is unlikely to yield AI pseudo-human carers, the notion of robots aiding the elderly is closer than ever. All over the world – especially in Japan, where more than a quarter of the population is over 65 – technology and healthcare are starting to overlap.

  • Organising your daily medication Organising your daily medication

    Keeping track of medication can be tricky, but new online pharmacy PillPack wants to fix the problem. By delivering several daily doses every two weeks in convenient, clearly dated tear-off packs, it organises pills for you, with an app planned to send reminders.

  • Tackling medical non-adherence Tackling medical non-adherence

    HealthPrize is a startup venture that seeks to add value to a medication in the form of rewards, education and fun. It offers a unique medication adherence platform that uses behavioural economics, game dynamics and consumer marketing.